Friday, September 5, 2014

About Angel Gowns Ministry to Brevard County Florida

Angel Gowns Ministry to Brevard County, Florida is a non-profit ministry.

What do we do?  We take donated wedding gowns (or other gowns in delicate shades) and create bereavement/burial gowns for little babies that don't make it home from the hospital.

Why?  When a family experiences the loss of a baby, no matter what stage of pregnancy, it's a devastating blow to the heart.  Oftentimes, the hospitals have nothing more than a washcloth to wrap the baby in for the parents to spend those last moments with their precious little one.

Angel Gowns are donated to hospitals in Brevard County and are gifted to families who have lost a baby.  They are able to admire the beauty of their little one, take photos to cherish forever and bury their child clothed in a gown of beauty.