Our Story:

Sometime in June of 2014, I heard about Angel Gowns by seeing an online article.  I was intrigued... I'd never heard about this and I'd really never known or given thought to the need for it.  One thing I did know is that I wanted to be a part of this.  

I've been sewing for almost my entire life and I wanted to use the skill I was blessed with to bless others.  What better way?  I contacted Michelle, at Angel Gowns by Michelle.  She is located in Washington and she has a wonderful way of connecting donated gowns with seamstresses all over the country.  I was eager though, and didn't want to wait for just one gown to come in, I didn't want to be able to donate just 4 or 5 little Angel Gowns.  I needed to find out how big our need was locally.

I remembered a sweet lady, Jennifer, that I'd been introduced to just a year before by a mutual friend.  She ran a non-profit organization, Cherishing the Journey.  The organization donates Memory Boxes to parents who anticipate the loss of an unborn child, as well as distributing boxes to hospitals in our local area for parent who lose a child during any stage of pregnancy, or after birth.  These boxes help parents to make memories of their child that will last a lifetime.  What a sweet comfort!

I contact Jennifer and asked her if they were already receiving Angel Gowns, or if there was even a need for them.  Her excitement really got me more excited to be a part of this.  She mentioned that she had just been thinking about that need, but didn't sew and didn't know anyone who could begin sewing gowns.  From that conversation Angel Gowns Ministry to Brevard County, Florida was born.

I began a Facebook Page and started sharing the need on any local Facbook site that I could.  Donations began to pour in!  God was blessing us and I began to sew....and sew... and sew.  I recruited a friend and was contacted by another young woman who is volunteering her time.  God will provide the hands, of this I am sure.  It's a joy to know that each little gown that we lovingly create and adorn will bring a tiny bit of happiness to these hurting hearts...parents who have lost their child.

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  1. Kathy C,

    Faith, my Goddaughter was born June 30, 2016 and went to be with the Lord, on Thursday, July 14, 2014. Saturday afternoon,I was searching the internet for a dress her size for the burial. Long story short, I was referred to you by Angel Gowns by Michelle.

    Tuesday, Faith burial dress arrived and was beautiful. I showed everyone how beautiful it was. Most of All Faith looked beautiful with it on. We would like to thank Ampro, the gown designer/seamstress and yourself.

    Continue to allow God to use you. 1 Corinthians 15:58

    Pastor P